COVID-19 Response

We will be working with Camp Victory staff to follow CDC guidelines for camps and use wisdom in the pre-cautions we are taking. We will communicate this plan and other precautions within the next couple of weeks. These girl’s safety is extremely important to us!

What is
Her Virtue?

Her Virtue is a conference for teen girls ages 12-18. The heart of this event is to empower the next generation of girls to boldly live out their identity in Christ while cultivating sisterhood.

The theme of the HV2020 conference is “DREAM”. We’ll be diving into what it looks like to dream with the Father without limiting our limitless God! The registration fee also includes a Her Virtue t-shirt and gift bag!




What should I pack?
  • Bible
  • Notebook & pen
  • Bedding for a twin size bed
  • Pillow
  • Towels
  • Clothes for outdoor fun and indoor sessions
  • Swimsuit, cover t-shirt, water shoes, and sun block
  • All necessary toiletries including blow-dryers etc.
  • At least 1 pair of closed toe shoes
  • Money for concessions and HV merchandise
Will I, or my child, need money during the event?
While bringing money is not required, we will have an awesome selection of snacks and merchandise in our HV store! We accept cash and card payments!
Can I request someone be in the same cabin as me?
Yes, there is a place on the registration form for you to request a bunk mate. While we will make every effort to put you with your requested bunkmate, it is not guaranteed. We are splitting cabins by ages 12-15 and 16-18 years old. If your requested bunkmate is in the same age group as you, it is more likely you will be placed together.
Can everyone from our group stay in the same cabin?
We are splitting up the cabins by ages 12-15 and 16-18 so we can better serve them in their season of life. What we can do is, put all your girls 12-15 together and your girls who are 16-18 together! Each cabin fits 15 girls, so any groups over 15 will be broken out to another cabin.
My 11 year old is mature for her age, can she attend?
If they are in the 6th grade, yes.
Can I still attend if I have other commitments during that weekend?

Of course! After you register, please email and let us know if you need to arrive later, leave early, or if you need to leave for the afternoon.

Can a student drive and check in themselves?
Yes. For safety reasons, keys will be taken at check in and given back at check out. We will also need a form to be signed by a parent/guardian! You can request this form by emailing
Can I, or my daughter, keep our phones during the event?

If you are serving as a counselor, yes you will be able to keep your phone!

If you are a student attending the event you will either be asked to leave your phone with your parent/guardian OR we will take it upon check in and give it back at check out!

Parents/Guardians can contact their children by calling the camp phone at:
580-634-9210 (click to call if on a mobile device)


Can I keep my medication with me at the event?
No. For the safety of all attendees, you will need to leave your medication with our certified nurse, who will be on site to tend to any emergencies and dispense medication as needed!
How many people are in a cabin?
2 counselors + 10 students!

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